Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Relentless Project

I have been working casually on a project for a few weeks now. Does anyone remember the old game known as Little Big Adventure? (Also known as Relentless if you bought it in North America.) Well, whilst on one of my weekly internet explorations; I discovered two fan sites. These dedicated fan groups (who enjoy the game as much as I do) have started two exciting projects. Using the old engine, they plan to and have begun creating a sequel and prequel! If you are interested in visiting these sites, the links are on my Favorite Places List. After poking around I decided I wanted to help in anyway I could. After all, it was my favorite game once upon a time. They emailed me back a reply and set up a MSN conversation. (For those not savvy with internet junk like this, MSN is a way to communicate instantly on the internet using text.) After "talking" they informed me that I could help with a few things.

-English to French Translations (TGR)
-Writing/Editing the storyline (TGR)
-Creating a Wikipedia article (LBAP)
-Creating a trailer for the game (TGR)
-Provide input on artwork and music scores (TGR)

Golly, does this mean I'm a Game Designer now? Perhaps this could turn out to be something I add to my resume one day. It may be a small role, but it's still pretty interesting to be a part of something like this. I may look into composing some music for the game as well.

The game and site are run by fans alone. Anyone interested in helping is welcome to apply. It is totally non-profit as to avoid legal issues with the original French company, Adeline. In all honesty, I think that's the best plan. The non-monetary drive will keep the spirit and atmosphere of the site and game intact. Also, anyone even remotely interested can look at the game.

One item that we are still in need of is voice talent for the characters! Be it either bystander or main character, both games still need voices. Imagine, your voice preserved for eternity in a mass produced set of files. If you're interested in performing, contact either me or the LBA team by email. You can find more information, again, from my link list.

Rather exciting isn't it?

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